Spring Lambs Drop Like Spring Rain!

Wild Rose Farm

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The first of the lambs began dropping March 28th, 2012.

This week began with two sets of twins and was shortly followed by two sets of triplets within two days of each other.  The first set was ten, eleven and eight pounds.  Two ewe lambs and a ram lamb, all healthy.  The second set of triplets happened over a 2 hour period with an eleven pound ewe lamb, a fourteen pound ram lamb and a ten pound ram lamb.

We have 5 more Cross bred ewes expected to lamb before the big push next week when 17 Pure bred ewes are expected to start lambing.

It is an exciting time at Wild Rose Farm with round the clock watches on lambing activity in the barn.

So far everyone is healthy and happy with 100% successful births.

Not much more we can ask for, except maybe a little extra sleep.

Winter at Wild Rose Farm, Whidbey Island, 2012

Wild Rose Farm

Winter at Wild Rose Farm, 2012

Winter has come to Wild Rose Farm, Whidbey Island, Washington

1 Foot of snow has accumulated over the course of this week and the farm has fallen silent under a white blanket of snow.  The outdoor chores take a little longer than normal, but we welcome this change in the season as it does not befall us too often.

The reflective qualities of snow have amplified the natural light that streams into my studio as I work on dyeing and felting wool for my latest Lattice Felt Scarfs.  It is a bright and beautiful light to work in.

More photos to be posted soon of selected new and older works.